Rajkot RMC Smart Ghar built 1,176 homes using green technology

Rajkot: Rajkot Municipal Housing Corporation (RMC), “Smart Ghar” proposed to use the concept of green technology, was awarded the “Indo-Swiss Energy Efficiency Building Project” certification.

The project runs under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna and with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development (SDC) and the energy efficiency of Project Buildings (BIP). The Minister of Energy, Coal and Energy New and Renewable Piyush Goel has obtained the certification from municipal commissioner Banchhanidhi Pani at the three-day international conference on “Design of low-consumption buildings: experience and progress” in New Delhi.

“Within the framework of the intelligent housing project Ghar (3) RMC built 1,176 homes using the concept of green technology. We will incorporate green building suggestions into our public housing that improve shading and ventilation for better thermal management and a Slight change of direction from the building, while the first will be achieved by the installation of externally shaded and partially glazed window frames, will be possible thanks to the application of a system of fins and wells connected to each addition habitation.Par, walls Of the cavity of the western facade layout site will reduce the heat gain of the afternoon sun, “said Mr. Pani.

“To increase the pressure of energy efficiency, the building will connect all public services, such as street lights, elevators, water pumps and other common utilities with solar power,” AT- says.



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